Top MLM Earners

Top network marketing (multilevel marketing - MLM) earners do very well. These top MLM earners make more money in one month than most people make in a whole year.

Unlike traditional jobs in corporate America or small business, the income earning potential in network marketing is as much as you want it to be, as long as you want to do the work. With traditional companies, there is always a ceiling on the amount of money you can earn, no matter how great you are.

MLM distributor earnings are generated by the volume of product consumed by the distributor's downline. Therefore, the more product consumed by the downline as a result of the downline growing larger, the greater the MLM distributor's earnings become. Network marketing companies earn money by selling a product or service, which is no different from other companies.

One of the main differences between network marketing companies and traditional companies is with advertising. Most network marketing companies do not advertise using traditional methods of TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, etc. Traditional companies spend a huge portion of their operating budget on advertising.

Since network marketing companies don't spend a big chunk of their operating budget on advertising, this is money that can be used for other things. Good network marketing companies will pour a sizeable portion of this money back into paying their distributors.

Another reason that enables network marketing companies to reward their distributors with lots of money is the fact that many network marketing companies manufacture and distribute their products from one location.

There is no traditional distribution chain with network marketing products. The traditional chain consists of about 7 steps to get goods from the manufacturer to the customer. Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart, made billions of dollars by chopping just one step out of the traditional 7-step process.

Good network marketing companies pour the money that would have been used for traditional distribution processes back into compensating their distributors.

Therefore, the top MLM earners aquire huge paychecks because they are willing to do the work necessary to build large communities.

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